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Split Wall Air Conditioner Installation


Free delivery within Denpasar

Delivery outside of Denpasar may inquire charges

3-day Item Exchange

If within 3 days of delivery, there is a manufacturing problem found with the item, we will provide a replacement as soon as possible After 3 days, the item will be subject to Manufacturer's Warranty Terms and Conditions

100% Original

Our Items are guaranteed Originals - and rest assured that each of them have a dedicated service center in Bali, Surabaya or Jakarta so Product Service will be faster and more managable

Standard Installation, includes 2 meters of refrigerant piping within Denpasar

Please keep in mind for standard AC installations:

  • If the piping needed is more than 2m, there will be an additional charge
  • If there is an old unit that we need to uninstall first, there will be a charge depending on its PK
  • Transportation to locations outside of Denpasar will incur additional charges
  • Standard installation means that the site of installation can be reached with a standard ladder and operated on with ease, if it requires us to rent additional equipment to reach and operate on, is difficult to work on, and/or has risk of injury, it would be considered non-standard installation and would incur additional charges depending on the degree of risk and difficulty of the work


Sebelum melakukan pembayaran, mohon konfirmasi dahulu mengenai keberadaan stok warna pilihan anda melalui 0361 236007 | 0361227479 |  Whatsapp 081239023463
Klaim Garansi bisa dilakukan ke kami / langsung ke service center di kota terdekat anda. Terima kasih.

Before making a purchase, please contact us to confirm the availability of the item that you want via 0361 236007 | 0361227479 |  Whatsapp 081239023463
Warranty Claims can be done through our store / directly to the service centre representative in your city. Thank you.

Parameter Value
AC Capacity

0,5 PK, 0,7 PK, 1 PK, 1,5 PK, 2 PK, 2,5 PK



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